At IMA, my design responsibilities span across diverse mediums, including print, digital, video, and web to support company initiatives and certifications. I skillfully integrated my designs into the established IMA branding while also upholding a professional brand image. My main goal was to infuse a clean, modern aesthetic with a hint of playfulness. The assets for the CSCA certification showcase a vibrant purple highlight color, while those for the CMA certification embrace an orange highlight color. Both seamlessly harmonize with the well-established IMA color palette of blues, greens, and greys.
FMAA (Financial and Managerial Accounting Associate)
The FMAA certification is a sub-brand of IMA which is tailored for young professionals seeking basic fundamental finance knowledge. When tasked with shaping its visual identity, I recognized the importance of infusing a sense of freshness and catering to a youthful audience.
Initiating the process, I crafted a vibrant gradient using IMA blues, complemented by a distinctive highlight color I call "Lemony Lime." This lively and effervescent color harmonizes nicely with the broader IMA color palette. I then proceeded to develop the surrounding graphics and stylization that would hold up the complete brand and be recognizable with every designed asset. The objective was not only to align FMAA under the IMA umbrella but also to synchronize harmoniously with IMA's existing certifications, the CMA and CSCA.
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