Throughout my life, my journey in art and design has led me through various realms, from fine arts during my elementary years to exploring textiles in high school. This passion persisted as I pursued my education at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), earning a BFA in Graphic Design and garnering awards for my work throughout my career.
At my core, I am a perfectionist, but I thrive on breaking free from the ordinary and thinking conceptually. Possessing a refined visual sense, robust typographic skills, and an acute eye for artistic details, I excel in executing tasks under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude—a valuable asset in any team environment. I remain committed to continuous education, staying abreast of industry trends and digital advancements in our ever-evolving field.
Beyond my professional identity, I am first and foremost a wife and a mom to two wonderful boys; family holds immense importance to me. In my leisure time, I prioritize a healthy lifestyle through workouts and nutritious eating, though I confess a weakness for indulging in peanut butter straight from the jar. Maintaining balance is key. My love for animals is evident through my 100lb Bernedoodle, Jasper, and two sister kitties, Harley and Quinn. I also am a Disney and superhero movie fanatic  (the inspiration behind my kitties' names), and I find much joy in these interests.
Further channeling my creativity, my sister and I co-founded Paperkat Design, a venture that keeps our weekends bustling with the creation of custom designs, including handcrafted invitations and coordinating day-of assets.
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